We are committed to
providing high quality
service to our customers.

Jorge Ruiz
Owner Operator
1) As a potential client, you are searching for
an exceptional cleaning service in which you
can trust on receiving the following:

a) Exceptional cleaning results every visit.
b) Consistency and continuity.
c) Reliability.
d) Trustworthiness.

The best way to find them, are by reference or
giving them a try.

BGR Cleaning Service LLC
Quality is our priority
2) The price is what makes us to take the final
decision. The "reasonable fee", will become
reasonable depending on how much we’ve
already decided to spend in our monthly

If the estimate is lower or matches our budget
it will become "reasonable". If it's higher, it will
become " expensive " from our own
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Our fees are calculated based on the
size and condition of the house,
frequency of service, amount of people
and pets living in the home.